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What our customers thinks

I bought an inflatable flamingo and my kids fell in love with it, so I need to order more!  We reaaaaally LOVE IT!

Meghan A.

I offer one stormglass to my wife as a birthday gift. Her reaction : "Wow, what an original gift!"
I'm very happy she likes it.

Simon P.

Just received my ocean view poster and I really like it. All my colleagues are jealous. :D

Cody L.

I order a galileo thermometer and a storm glass. The news was predicting thunderstorm and I thought my storm glass wasn't working but as it turns out the news was wrong. Perfect home decoration !

Brendon C.

Really nice product that we can't buy in shopping center. Adds an incomparable touch of decoration. Cushion covers are simply perfect!

Robert M.

I bought an antique clock walk for my husband's birthday. He's very happy! Very fast shipping and high quality. Will buy soon again!

Melina-May M.

We bought a little plate and we put it in front of our Westfalia and it fits perfectly! We belong to the sea :D

Ashley B.

Stormglasses are cute little novelty items. It was package very well. At this price, I'm super happy. I'm gonna buy another to use in our boat for sure. :P

Liam M.

As an ecologist, I am a reeeaaaal weather geek. I have many thermometers and barometers all around (and inside) our house. I also have Galileo, a Netamo, a cedar stick and a liquid barometer in our beachhouse in Florida. This original ookalike Fitzroy storm glass that didn't require a chemistry set to work properly is so great and I had to have this. 

Jeff B.



At Little Miss Meteo, we are passionate about time travel, the ocean in all its forms and sea expeditions. Combining meteorology, travel and navigation, in addition to offering impeccable customer service, fast and courteous, our mission is to offer you a range of original products that will make you happy and the envy of your loved ones. Decorative storm bottles and barometers inspired by the years 1600 and 1700, nautical-themed wall ornaments, pocket clocks, cushion covers and other decorative objects reminiscent of the sea, they will not fail to add a touch of nostalgia and originality to your decor. Cast off the moorings ... Ready, Set, Go!
Feel free to contact us, our team will be happy to answer all your questions. We want to say "Thank you" to all our faithful customers for their trust since our beginnings.

- The Little Miss Meteo's Team!

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