8 of the Most Romantic Beaches in the World

Life isn’t always a beach, but at least you can find a really nice one to vacay with someone you love. Here’s our pick of 8 amazingly romantic beaches from around the world.

1. Rangali, Maldives

Rangali, Maldives - Little Miss Meteo
Tropical beach landscape, Rangali, Maldives - Photo: CheapoAir

The Maldives are blessed with numerous islands that look heavenly, but we fell in love with the romantic seclusion of Rangali, which is about a 30-minute plane ride from the capital Male.

Rangali, Maldives Romantic Beach | Little Miss Meteo
Romantic dinner on the beach, Rangali, Maldives - Photo: Pinterest

There are stretches of gorgeous empty beaches here, even at the height of the tourist season, while the island’s award-winning resort promises luxury and intimacy for couples.


2. North Island, Seychelles

North Island, Seychelles | Little Miss Meteo
Photo: Booking.com

Also known as Sunset Beach, North Island is famous as a honeymoon hotspot for celebs (the Clooneys and even Prince William and Duchess Kate have been), so there’s no reason why you can’t soak in the sun like the power couple that you are.


3. Soufriere, St. Lucia

Soufriere, St. Lucia | Little Miss Meteo
Photo: Airlines-Airports

When you’re hand in hand with your special partner, there’s nothing more complimentary than beautiful sunsets and white sands reaching out to the crystal clear water from the lush green rainforest. Plus, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a spectacular view of the amazing Piton volcanic spires while sipping on some champagne?


4. Praia da Marinha, Portugal

Praia da Marinha, Portugal | Little Miss Meteo
Beach scenic at Praia da Marinha, Algarve, Portugal Photo: CheapoAir

With its amazing cliffs that surround you on one side and the amazingly crystal clear waters on the other, this beach in the southernmost Algarve region is one of Portugal’s most recognizable beaches. It usually ranks high on travelers’ lists of favorite European beaches, which is a good reason why you and your boo should look for last minute flights and make a beeline for it right away.


5. Podrace Beach, Croatia

Podrace Beach, Croatia | Little Miss Meteo
Amazing aerial view of the beautiful Podrace beach in Brela, Makarska Riviera, Croatia - Photo: CheapoAir

This quiet pebble beach with shady pine trees that’s located in a charming little cove can be overlooked as just another nice stretch on Croatia’s dazzling coastline, but this gem in the municipality of Brela can be the perfect place to reignite some flames in your relationship.


6. Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand

Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand | Little Miss Meteo

This famous beach’s steep limestone cliffs are its most iconic landmark. While throngs of tourists come here to lounge its amazing beach stretches and scale its towering rocks, you can have lots of privacy, minding the occasional light rain shower now and then, if you plan your trip in the months of May or October.


7. Treasure Cay, The Bahamas

Treasure Cay Beach - The Bahamas | Little Miss Meteo
Photo: Bahamas Air Tours

Part of the AbacosTreasure Cay is one of the many stretches the powder-white sands and blue waters are just a prelude to watching great sunsets and spending some intimate moments walking on the beach with your sweetheart.


8. Bora Bora, Tahiti

With its varying shades of blue waters, ranging from elegant azure to a tenacious turquoise, and everything in between, the waters of Bora Bora’s beaches are absolutely enchanting. As most of the beaches are privately owned or belong to resorts, you’ll have all the privacy you could want. Even the main public beach at Matira is spectacular.

Bora Bora - Tahiti | Little Miss Meteo
Photo: Tahiti.com

If you’re wondering if you’ll have the time (or the money) to invest in a romantic escape this year, we can reassure you that with a little careful planning, your dream destination is well within your grasp. So what are you waiting for? Start looking for deals on last minute flights to these lovely locales and get going!

Romance on the Beach | Little Miss Meteo

Where would you and your partner like to visit for a romantic getaway? Let us know in the comments.


Source: CheapoAir
Cover: Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort


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